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Ashley was my nutrition and spiritual “yoda” of sorts. She helped provide education, guidance, and support. Her spirit of encouragement and insight was exactly what I needed amidst the uncertainty of pregnancy. I feel more grounded in my nutritional choices. I feel as though I am educated and know more resources as a new mom. That sense of peace during a very challenging life transition is priceless. I have also been in awe in the difference it has made in our daughter’s life. Because I nourished myself, and in turn my daughter, she is healthy, her skin is wonderful, and her development is wonderful. I would describe Ashley as a peaceful warrior. She is gentle and encouraging, as well as thoughtful. Ashley helped me develop awareness and education as I embarked on the most incredible journey of my life. The work that we did together continues to show dividends in my life everyday. She was more than just a coach or consultant, she became a friend and confidant.

Ashley has been a wonderful aide in preparing for our first baby. I’m thankful that we chose her as our doula as well as my nutrition and wellness coach. The two services have been irreplaceable for me. Ashley is not only getting me physically prepared for the birth but also mentally. She meets me right where I’m at while customizing and adjusting her program to better suit my lifestyle and needs. Ashley has helped me reach health goals that have enriched not only my body but my well-being- encouraging me the whole way through. I would recommend Bloom + Nourish (even if you aren’t expecting) to anyone in a heartbeat. If you’re looking for a healthy balance in your life physically and mentally, Bloom + Nourish is an essential tool in accomplishing that.


I hired Ashley to help me have a healthier pregnancy by overcoming negative thinking towards my pregnancy weight and to introduce more water and healthy foods into my daily routine. I knew that if I could have someone gently guiding me, my pregnancy would have less complications and I could carry this pregnancy to full term. When I shared my goals with Ashley, she was very optimistic and positive. At each visit after that, she listened to my past week’s activities and any of my current concerns. She then shared recipes with me and helped me adjust my goals as needed. I love how flexible she was and how quickly she adapted my goals to meet the challenges of my pregnancy from bed rest and low iron to depression and not keeping to my goals. Everything was tailored to me and my needs without any guilt tactics. I ecstatically reached 40 weeks of pregnancy for the first time in my 15 pregnancies. My body felt good and I had strength to birth my baby quickly and easily. Now during my postpartum time, I have confidence in my health by continuing to do the health practices Ashley instilled in me.

I worked with Ashley throughout my second and third trimesters. She is both a very knowledgeable health coach and a wonderfully supportive doula. I really enjoyed meeting with her during pregnancy to discuss and learn about nutrition. I walked away from each health counseling session loaded up with fantastic information. My family was grateful for all the changes I made to our nutritional lifestyle. When time came for baby to arrive, Ashley transitioned to an amazing labor doula. She watched my older child and helped weave him into my labor experience. I’ll always cherish our connection and hope to always have her in our life!

Ashley was present with us at the birth of our 2nd baby.  Her presence was such a big help for me and my husband.  She remembered all the important things I wanted at the delivery and made sure they happened.  My husband relied on her tips for him to help me be comfortable through the difficult contractions.  When in labor it is so hard for both the husband and wife to remember different techniques and all the wishes you had before hand…Ashley was our conscience and our voice.  From the few meetings before hand and the recovery meeting with my 2 week old, Ashley was amazing.  We are so thankful she was with us!

 Where to begin – Ashley has been and will continue to be a very special part of our family and our son’s birth.  Going into my second pregnancy, I knew that I wanted a different experience from my first emergency c-section.  Our journey began months earlier with deciding to try for an unmedicated VBAC.  Even at these early stages, before we decided to have a doula, Ashley was supportive and knowledgeable about this decision.  As the summer months drew closer, my husband and I believed that having her encouragement and care in the birthing process would be invaluable – and it was.  As soon as labor began, Ashley was ready.  She met us at our home with a calm spirit and a clear mind, just what we needed as the pain increased.  And off we went to the hospital – there she held my hand through contractions, calmed my husband through the intensity and was an integral part of our birthing team.  She helped welcome our precious baby bird into the world and I am forever grateful for her care, guidance, wisdom, and spirit.

 From the start we loved Ashley’s style –she was calm and had a nurturing way about her, which is exactly what I needed. As we started the process of labor, Ashley provided helpful suggestions to make contractions more manageable and effective. Her peaceful and reassuring presence was able to keep me as calm and relaxed as possible as we labored. I appreciated how Ashley stayed afterwards to make sure everything was going well post-partum. I would definitely recommend Ashley for a doula!

“At least you and the baby are healthy, that’s the important thing.” If you have ever been told this after a traumatic birth experience, then you may know the guilt that can come from wishing you had more than just a healthy baby. After my first baby was born after an awful 36 hours of labor, emergency c-section, and painful infection, I was determined to have a different experience the second time. I did not end up with a blissful VBAC as I had hoped, but instead a complicated repeat c-section. Though I ended up having surgery, I felt having a doula was crucial. I still have memories of laboring at home with candles on a rainy Monday morning, as my husband filled my pool with warm water and Ashley counted my contractions. And when my son was born, my husband was able to go to him, and I was not alone on a cold table. I had someone to hold my hand and talk to me. This is the power of having a doula. I am grateful Ashley has followed her calling, and we were able to cross paths, as it allowed me to have a priceless experience at a difficult and yet beautiful time.

 Not having the medication-free labor I intended to have was a painfully emotional time for me, and made having Ashley’s presence and support even more crucial. She was by my side any and every time I needed her. Ashley remained calm throughout the entire process and kept others calm as well. She also kept our families in the waiting room well informed, so that my husband always remained with me.

Ashley’s compassionate assistance during my 30+ hour labor was truly invaluable! She saw us through many staff changes and was our constant ally. She gently suggested position changes, use of the birthing ball or other items that she brought along with her, encouraged my husband in his efforts, and offered massage and firm pressure at the best times. Ashley thoughtfully gave my husband and I space when she sensed we needed it as well.

Although I did not get to have the birth experience we all collectively hoped for, Ashley was supportive and reassuring at all times. We are truly blessed to have a wonderfully healthy son; who Ashley took beautiful photos of when I held him in my arms for the first time! And, we are blessed to have had our tireless, calm (and calming!), and caring doula, Ashley, as such an integral part of the process of our son’s birth.

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