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Feel More In Tune with Your Body Through a Simple Elimination Diet, Part One

Feel More In Tune with Your Body Through a Simple Elimination Diet | Bloom & NourishYour body is a complex, beautiful creation.  It is built to heal and rid itself of anything that doesn’t serve it well.  Think about it- when your skins gets cut, your body springs into action, limiting blood flow to the injured area to prevent blood loss, creating a protective covering in the form of a scab (aka nature’s band-aid), and regenerating new skin.  When bacteria or a virus enters the body, our immune cells rush to that foreign invader and work together to destroy it.  However, there are times when your body needs a little break from the everyday toxins it is encountering from both your surrounding environment and what you are putting into your body.

Did you know 60-70% of our population has some sort of food allergy, and most don’t even realize it.   If you’re feeling tired, sick, lacking energy, or experiencing digestive upset, an elimination diet could be just what you need to feel more in tune with your body and truly see how what you eat affects how you feel.  I have wanted to do an elimination diet for a while now- to give my body a break, so it can recharge and heal itself, to feel more in tune, and to see if there are any additional food allergies or sensitivities affecting my body.  There are different methods of elimination diets, but this is one, which lasts about two weeks, seemed the most feasible to me.  Sometimes you don’t have 4+ weeks to do an elimination diet, especially with the holidays approaching.  The elimination diet I am basing this off of was formulated by a holistic doctor, Dr. Stephan Rechtschaffen who started the OMEGA Institute.  He was one of my teachers in my health coaching training, and spoke much wisdom on food allergies and how they affect your body. Continue reading