Doula Services


I am in awe of the miracle of life that is the process of pregnancy, labor, and birth. I became passionate about birth when I realized many women were not being informed and supported in the labor and birth process. I am dedicated to empowering women to have the birth experience they desire. Through emotional, physical, and educational support, I feel the birth experience can be a very positive one. I assist women in understanding their options and encourage them to choose what they would or would not prefer in their own birth experience.  Research shows having a doula’s constant support and care at birth can result in less complicated labors, reduces negative feelings about one’s birth experience, and increases a woman’s self confidence and security in her ability to birth and mother her new child.  I consider it a privilege to be a part of such a special time in the lives of the women and families I serve.

I began my journey as a birth doula in 2011, serving women in Nashville and the surrounding areas. In 2012 I started my birth doula certification process through DONA and in 2014 I became a DONA certified birth doula and was also certified in Rebozo use for labor and birth.  I have experience with medicated, non-medicated, VBAC, and cesarean births.

What’s in it for you?

  • free initial consultation
  • 1-2 prenatal meetings to discuss birth preferences, explore comfort measures, and share information about pregnancy, birth, and your baby
  • email and phone support throughout pregnancy
  • community resource list
  • on call 24 hours a day from 38-42 weeks of your pregnancy
  • backup doula partner
  • continuous support during labor and birth
  • 2 hours of postpartum support, including help with breastfeeding, if needed
  • 1 postpartum visit, including a delicious and nutritious meal, while we process your birth experience and answer any questions you may have



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